Monday, July 25, 2016

The first day section from Georgetown Lake was obviously a BIG mistake so I have modified the GPX to eliminate this segment. If you have previous copies of the GPX file, please do not disseminate them or use them for that segment and I apologize for including it in the original.  It was a smaller segment that I could not personally verify due to snow last month and relied on idiots that run on four wheels.  Big mistake.

The rest of the ride is fantastic.  We had superb weather.  There are areas in these tracks that could be deal stoppers had they been wet thus the bypass tracks in the GPX file. Use at your own risk. Keep up on the weather forecasts. Be prepared for the ride of your life and see Montana in an extreme new light.

If all the video and photos were combined, and a story told, it would be something else. When a Picture tis started on ADV, I'll link it from his Blog.